When someone assaults me

I’m not going to pay attention to you…

When someone assaults me in front of others, the golden rule of volleyball is fulfilled: you must always pass the ball, even if it falls on your own ground.


It’s the same with life when someone assaults you.


And even more so if that aggression is in front of others.


People are constantly throwing all kinds of balls at us in terms of: goodness, friendship, aggressiveness, enmity.


And it’s up to you whether you accept them or pass them on.


Don’t get carried away by your ego.

What happens when you accept them?


Well, it’s your ego that accepts them. You think they are meant for you, but you don’t realize that when someone attacks you, he wants to pass the buck to his own discomfort and for you to accept it.


And everything you take personally is ego.


So if you do, you lose in the game of life because that person has already passed his ball, but now you have it in the form of anger, rage, helplessness, and so on.


Do not accept they pass the ball onto you

Is that really what you want? Do you really want to go through life accepting every ball that’s thrown at you?


Only the absence of ego will prevent you from reacting.

In search of inner peace

I’ll end with this beautiful story that perhaps best illustrates what I want to express to you:


A man with a strong tendency to be manipulated by external factors went to visit a teacher to raise his problem:


-Master, I am not able to achieve inner peace. -What to do?


The teacher thought for a moment and said:


-You will go now to the cemetery, sit in the middle of the graves and spend the morning raising all sorts of praise for the dead.


When he returned in the afternoon the teacher asked him:


– Have you done what I told you?


-I have,” replied the student.


-Well, now you will return to the cemetery and then spend the afternoon hurling insults and insults at the dead.


The disciple carried out the order of the master without understanding anything.


When the night came, he returned and said to him


-Master, during the morning I have extolled the virtues of the dead with all kinds of praise, but in the afternoon I have gravely offended those same dead with great insults.


Can you now tell me the purpose of your commands?


– What did the dead answer you? -Did they show themselves satisfied and boastful with your praise, or did they perhaps become indignant and angry with your insults?


-But, Master, that is not possible. How will they react if they are dead?


-Well, that is exactly what you have to expect of yourself, the absence of reaction to offense as well as to praise.


Free yourself from your ego

If someone insults you and ignites your anger, do you not see the power he has over you?


If someone praises you and inflames your vanity, do you not see the power he has over you?


Your inner peace is now in the hands of others or in the power of the events around you.


Go and break those chains you have with your ego, regain your freedom and only then you will find inner peace.


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