We the old people III

We the older adults are satisfied with life!!!

The older adult

When talking about the older adult, the increase in life expectancy, satisfactory aging and others

positive terms, it is indisputably necessary to refer to the Quality of Life and Social Support of these people

so that the years translate into well-being and better satisfaction of the senescent.

The relationship between Quality of Life and increase in Life Expectancy

Quality of life study in the Elderly is indispensable, especially in the current moments where

The increase in life expectancy is a reality.

Precisely if the unity between Quality of Life and increase in life expectancy is not emphasized, we would be

then talking about an increase in disability and years with difficulties and deterioration of the organism in

all of its dimensions.

That is why it is so important to emphasize social relationships, personal fulfillment and the degree of

satisfaction and well-being of the elderly.

From the above, a series of studies have been developed with the purpose of producing an operational concept of

Quality of life in the Third age.

This concept makes it possible to develop an easily applicable instrument to allow the evaluation of

gerontological programs and services.

Research carried out in this regard allows to determine, from a theoretical and empirical perspective,

conditions that influence the quality of life in the elderly. Among these are:

Health (enjoy good health).

Functional skills (being able to take care of oneself).

Economic conditions (having a good pension or income).

Social relationships (maintain relationships with family and friends).

The activity (be active).

Social and health services (have good social and health services).

Quality at home and in the near context (having a good house in a good quality environment).

Life satisfaction (feeling satisfied with life).

Cultural and educational opportunities (opportunity to learn new things).

Older Adult, the facts

(it is not as difficult as seemed)

Society exerts a great influence on individuals in the aging process.

Therefore interactions should be studied taking into account a wide multiplicity of factors (O P S, 1999):

The sociocultural and psychological environment.
Changes that affect behavior and self-perception.
Family and social contacts that support you.
The effect of increased population of the Elderly on society.
Physical health as a determinant of well-being.
The need for physical, psychological and social balance to achieve a satisfactory old age.

… and the principles

The United Nations Organization has proclaimed the principles in favor of the Third Age, which favor the

Active participation of this age group in their social and cultural environment:

To achieve the integrated participation of society in the formation and application of policies that directly affect the well-being of the elderly.

Your rights to provide knowledge and skills to younger generations.

Provide services to the community and to receive the care and protection of the family and the whole society. (International Federation of Old Age, 1994).

The purpose of these projects is not only to add more years to life but also more life to the years.

In a follow article we will go on explaining the necessary Social Support.


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