Transforming life, applying Wu-Wei

Transforming life

Haven’t you had the impression that you spend your life in pure activity, doing things to satisfy endeless needs?, transforming life is necessary.

Do you live in pure hustle and bustle and find it hard to experience a deep rest from all the daily grind?

And when I say “deep rest” I am referring to both: the physical and the mental.

I know of people who have not been able to achieve this, but they know, understand and apply the Wu Wei approach; transforming life is something meteoric.

Let me explain:

We spend our lives in activities, and many of them actually have nothing to do with meeting our existential needs.

And this may happen to you because you do not understand that many of your needs are not real, they are simple mental inventions.

Too many worries

I’ll give you an example:

Suppose there’s a flower that has a human-like mind.   In its short existence it will most likely begin to worry and wonder:

What color will my new leaves be?

Could I speed up my process with a little fertilizer?

Where do you sell the fertilizer?

How much does it cost?

What dose should I use?

Will I be bigger than the flower next door?

I don’t like this tree over there: how could I make it disappear? Etc., etc., etc.


And the most certain thing is that it will try to stretch to enlarge its petals and frantically look for something to favour its growth process.

Now ask yourself:

Of all the flower’s worries and occupations; turned into needs:

Which ones would actually make it happy and willing to savor its existence day by day?

Don’t think that we are very different from this flower.

Voluntarism, overflowing action, frenetic energy and the dynamism of excitement are the values on which our education has been founded.

Life is not about accumulating objects

Why do you think the movies you like the most are precisely the action movies?

We’ve been trained within the culture that the most important thing is to achieve goals, and that it’s the achievements that determine that cherished social value called success.

We measure our quality of life by the amount of things we accumulate or by what we can achieve through constant, often self-destructive activity.

But keep in mind:

In nature, when the sparrow makes its nest in the forest, it occupies only one branch, and when the deer quenches its thirst in the river, it drinks only what fits in its stomach.

What we do is accumulate needs and that is why the Wu-Wei is our salvation.

What is Wu-Wei?

Since immemorial times, probably before Taoism, some ancient Chinese sages coined a concept which they called WU-WEI.

Its translation into English is something like: “THE ART OF DOING FROM DOING NOTHING”.   It is the expression of a subtle and powerful method of behavior that leads to deep rest and inner peace even when we are doing any kind of activity.

What happens when you apply Wu Wei to your life?

Even though you are active, you feel that space of serenity that does not allow you to be agitated.

You begin to perceive that the constant rush you have is disappearing as if life were a race against the clock.

And learn to taste what it means to enjoy what you do.

You dedicate quality time to what your true needs are by feeling connected to the source of Life all the time.

It is as if time suddenly stops with all the possibilities of deep rest springing up from the depths of Being.

Would you like to apply Wu Wei to your life?


I can show you how in a future article, but for that I need to know if you liked this one and if you want me to answer this question.

And of course, I would also like to know if you have any experience to tell about it;

PLEASE: Below, let me know your comments. THANK YOU!




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