The question that causes a lot of your suffering

what if…

The question that causes a lot of your suffering.

Do you know that there is a question that is constantly on your mind and it is the question that causes a lot of your suffering

Do you think I exaggerate?

Well, I’ll show you.

To get into the subject, I will begin by telling you one of Aesop’s most famous fables.

A fig tree was at the edge of a road, and a fox saw a sleeping snake beside it.

Envying that long body, and thinking that he could match it, he threw the fox ashore next to the snake and tried to stretch as much as he could.

He made so much effort, until, finally, vain, he burst.

In search of an ideal.

The paradigms, the social models that have instilled us for years, force us to constantly punish ourselves for trying to reach an ideal assumption.

We have a hard time being complacent to ourselves.

We are so concerned to pretend that, in the end, we can end up bursting like the fox of the fable.

The ideal of perfection is so ingrained in our minds that it is almost impossible to accept ourselves as we are and we are almost always in an internal questioning with ourselves.

It is like an internal war where almost all the time we feel guilty for not living up to what is asked of us.

Don’t feel guilty…

Then the charge of conscience that we dragged like a heavy chain appears.

Key question.

And what is the key question that gives rise to this internal conflict and, at the same time, produces so much anxiety?

That question is: What if ?:

What if I act wrong?
And also: what if they don’t understand my intentions?
But too: what if it doesn’t work out as I planned?
Besides, what if they don’t accept me?
Then what if I do not improve ?,
Or what if I’m not doing well?
What if I don’t make the right decision?
… what if?

And that what if ?, becomes an eternal companion that forces us to keep stretching more and more.

Remember this:

You don’t need someone to forgive you if you don’t forgive yourself,
No one needs to criticize you if you constantly reproach yourself,
You don’t need someone to accept you, if you don’t accept yourself,
It is not necessary for someone to love you if you do not love yourself.

The only way to stay on a bicycle without falling is by pedaling.

keep pedaling!!


Release all that mental ballast of perfection, and assume your life as it is at this moment, and keep pedaling because you have been doing so for a long time; and doing well.

Otherwise you would not be reading this.

Everything else is a burden that has been imposed on you and you have accepted it.

And you know what happens when you accept it?

That you live entertained in a great mental torture.

Let me ask you two questions:

What would happen if for a moment you stopped worrying about the “What if”

What would happen if instead of asking you that constantly, with the same passion and constancy, you said to yourself firmly: “Everything is fine because I am living” and banish the “What if” of your mind?

Just try

And please let me know your comments about it.


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