There is a question that is considered to be the meta-question, i.e., the question of questions.

Why? Maybe because depending on how you answer that question, whether you choose the way to happiness or you choose the path of suffering.

I would like to share with you today some reflections on this question as ancient and existential as humanity itself.

But before, I'd like to tell you a story:

This is the story of a woman who was dying.

Suddenly, she had the feeling of being  carried to heaven and presented in front of the Court.

If she answered correctly a question she didn't have to return to Earth.


-"Who are you?", said a voice.

-"I am Mayor’s wife" she said.

-"I asked who you are, not whom you are married".

-"I am the mother of four children".

-"I asked who you are, not how many children you have".

 -"I'm a school teacher".

-"I asked you who you are not what your profession is".

-"I am a Christian".

-"I asked who you are, not what your religion is".

 - "I am Carmen"

 - "I asked who you are, not what is the name that your parents put on you".

-"I am a person who helped the poor and needy".

-"I asked who you are, not what you did".


She did not pass the test obviously because she was sent back to Earth.

And you: who are you? It seems a simple question with a simple answer, but it is not by a long shot.


Maybe because we almost always answer this question referring to our social position, our name, our beliefs, etc.

We almost always answer this question by devising ourselves as a form, and we do not understand that, to be a form with a personal history, first we have TO BE.

We do not understand that what remains unchanged through all your activity is that you're LIFE, but you're so entertaining in that social history that you forget to feel it.

And the term is "feel it" because the life cannot be conceptualized, you cannot philosophize about her, you cannot frame it in beliefs and dogmas.

Life is to be lived moment to moment. If not it's like wanting to retain water with your hands.

And if you understand this, you will realize that you were not born with mind, but you were LIFE.

That’s why the answer to the existential question: who am I?, the only true answer is: I am life.

And life is precisely that, a flow, a shed, a sprout, a walk, an open and a given.  

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Your life is above your psyche and it is worth you feel it. The mind is a tool to think, not to feel.

With the mind you can never feel the life. There are people who die at 60 or 70 years old and you could say about them: "this person died at 60 but lived only until 30 or 40 years old. The remaining years he felt no life".

Allow me to farewell with these verses of Spanish poet Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer:


They are undead those that rest in sweet calm

In the cold Tomb,

they are dead that have a dead soul and still live.



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