The Center of Tibetan Being

The Center of Being…

The Center of Tibetan Being. Tibetan civilization has a very rich spiritual culture.

In fact, the leader of the Tibetan Central Administration is called Dalai Lama, which means something like a guru or reincarnated teacher. He is considered the spiritual guide of the nation.

Tibetans give lot of credit to the possession of wisdom by  a man and conceive that the essence of that wisdom lies fundamentally in knowing our true identity and establishing ourselves in its center.

Where is the center of Being for Tibetans?

In the so-called Third Eye.

Anatomically, it coincides with the so-called Pineal Gland that is located near the center of the brain, between the two hemispheres, therefore tucked into a groove where the two halves meet.


For the Tibetans, this Third Eye is the intuition center, the center of non-movement, because intuition is what is known but you don’t know to think or to learn to access it.

Therefore, it is the center of calm and bliss.

For them, accessing and establishing themselves in the Third Eye means implanting themselves in the center of life itself and be identified with peace and cessation of the entire mental movement.

To reach this center…

What to do to access the Third Eye?

Tibetan culture developed a whole system of techniques and practices to access the Third Eye (see “The Third Eye” by Tuesday Lobsang Rampa).

They call this training: “To open the Third Eye”.

From this system of techniques and exercises I propose one of the simplest, but still potently effective.

Before go on explaining how to perform the exercise:

It is necessary to clarify that it is impossible to access the pineal gland, the Third Eye, in a tangible way. Therefore we will place it in the region between the two eyebrows, in the so-called frown.

Now we go to the exercise:

Close your eyes, and focus both eyes in the middle of the two eyebrows.

Focus right in the middle, with your eyes closed, as if you were looking at that point with both eyes.

Put all your attention on it.

When your eyes remain fixed and it becomes difficult to move them, do as if you put the mind in the frown and begin to observe it.

It’s like you put the mind in the third eye being watched.

When this happens: do you think about anything? Does any thought come to your mind? Hardly.

Therefore you have been able to give the mind a great rest because you are established in the very center of Being.

And the most interesting of all this, is that you can do the exercise not only with your eyes closed, but also with your eyes open.

Just try and see.

Of course, it is necessary to emphasize that the success in practicing this exercise consists in its systematicity.

Doing it every time you remember and constantly will make your mind settle and savoring the ineffable delight that derives from mental rest that is silence.



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