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There is mental contamination just as there is environmental contamination referring to the damage done to the earth by the toxic gases that are released into the atmosphere, the waters of the bays and seas that are infected in a daily basis and the green areas of the planet that constantly are being annihilated.


And as it happens in environmental pollution; in this mental pollution we not only harm others, but we harm ourselves.




Because mental pollution occurs when we fill our minds with disturbing thoughts such as: worries, anxieties, fears and anticipations.


We are literally saturating our psyche with garbage.


And this garbage is transported and dumped, without our permission, into crowded trucks that keep coming to mind every minute and every second of our lives.



A clear example



To make you understand better, I’m going to illustrate it with this story:


A father was walking with his son when he stopped at a bend and after a short silence he asked him:


-“My son, besides the birds singing, do you hear anything else?


The boy sharpened his ears and a few seconds later answered:


-I’m hearing the sound of a cart.


That’s it! -said the father, ‘It’s an empty wagon.


Then the little boy asked, ‘Daddy, how do you know it’s an empty wagon if we can’t see it yet?


Then the father answered, “It’s very easy to tell when a cart is empty by the noise. The emptier the cart, the louder the noise it makes.



We become empty wagons: much interior noise but little benefit in terms of psychological well-being.


We lose the peace and quiet of life and embark on an endless race using our minds constantly.




more suffering…

Mental Waste


We think we are burdening our mind with comforting things when all we are doing is filling her with more suffering.


And with this kind of mental contamination we hurt others because the mouth has to speak of the abundance of the mind.


When we have our mind full of all this rubbish, we have to pour a little of it out in the form of: complaints, criticisms, admonitions, scolding, discontent, etc., as a way of venting our inner anger.



And all this produces an external stench that contaminates the whole atmosphere of human relations.



Mental contamination, an interesting fact


Here’s an interesting fact:


Science has now demonstrated what is called brain rot, establishing the fact that overextension in thinking can kill brain cells.


It seems that the chemicals excreted by thoughts cannot be cleared up fast enough and can poison and kill brain cells.


In the experiment that was conducted to test this hypothesis, men who were undergoing intense study were asked to try to take a break and relax.


And you know what happened?


That, even though they tried, they couldn’t do it.


Their brains kept going over and over everything they had been doing before, without being aware of it.


They just couldn’t shut out the mental noise.


Their minds were like the empty wagon of the story.


And that mental noise is pollution, that mental noise is disease, that

mental noise is unhappiness.


Keep that in mind.


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