Love in the family of future



I was talking to a friend about the crisis in human values and we fell into the theme of love in the family of the future.

And the conversation turned to what the family of the future would look like.

My friend did not share my approach, although he acknowledged that it was revealing.

In this article I would like to put it to your consideration and know your opinion because the subject is of vital importance for everyone.

Before I tell you what I think a family should be and what its essential characteristics should be, I would like to tell you a story.

In the Heart

A first grade teacher was discussing with the group of children a photo where a family was gathered.

In the picture there was a child with hair and skin of a different color than the rest of the family members.

One of the children in the group suggested that the child in the photo was adopted and a girl, a classmate, told her:

-I know all about adoption because I’m adopted.

– And what does it mean to be adopted? -asked another child.

The girl answered, “It means that you grow up in your mother’s heart instead of growing up in her womb.

Although the concept of what a family should be varies from generation to generation and over time.

Everything seems to indicate that it is not blood traits, nor having the same last names what define love among the members of a family group.

Love in the family. Conditions for love.

Love through living together does not grow spontaneously, nor can it be the work of something externally imposed like genetic ties.

For love to exist, for it to grow in another person’s heart, the eternal companions of that person must be present in all the work of human relationships.

There needs to be acceptance, respect and above all a deep interest in not wanting to enslave the other person to fit some model or pattern.

It is accepted:

  • When no condition is placed on love.
  • Instead of communication which is nothing more than the relationship of one mind with another mind, what prevails is communion, which is the relationship of one being with another being.
  • It is respected because there are no double intentions in acting or speaking.
  • In spite of the differences in age or the positions we occupy in a family group, individual decisions and opinions are taken into account.
  • And the style that predominates in the treatment of others is democratic and not oppressive or authoritarian.

Love is in the air

I am firmly convinced that the day will come when love in the family will not have to be used for emotional blackmail, or for lies, or for pressure to impose a certain model of how people should behave or to accept it within the family.

It will be a song of joy to diversity.

Only the happiness of sharing a space together will prevail, and everyone will be welcomed regardless of their differences. Because this is the only thing that can guarantee balance.

There will be no need for struggles and tensions because everything will complement each other in a true harmony, because the discordant notes and the so-called “black sheep” that exist will be there precisely to adorn and enrich this varied mosaic that will be called family.

What do you think?

Let me know what you think about it.


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