Out with the negative!!!…

Negative emotional state

Perhaps your case is the same as many people who live most of the time in a negative emotional state.

And what is important is not the type of emotion or feeling you experience; call it depression, anguish, restlessness, insecurity.

What is important is that this negative emotional state remains, as an eternal companion, tormenting you and making you suffer.

Do you know why this happens?

Because you don’t understand two fundamental questions:

The first is that: The emotions and feelings you can experience are largely determined by the type of thoughts you have in your mind.

And the second is that: As far as thoughts are concerned, there’s a big difference between what’s permanent and what’s temporary.

A story that explains it

Let me explain all this using this story.

A famous Hindu sage named Arya was asked about the difference between the permanent and the transitory, and he answered that question by giving the example of the traveller who stops at an inn.

The traveller can have dinner and sleep in it, but then he continues on his way. He does not stay at the inn, he pays his bill and leaves, continuing on his way.

But what about the hotelier, the owner?

He doesn’t go anywhere.

He still resides at the inn because that’s where he lives.

So,” Arya continued, “I say that the transitory is the guest, the one who arrives, and the hotelier is really the guest, the one who stays.

This is very illustrative of what goes on in our minds.


Not holding back thoughts


Every day an infinite number of thoughts come to her.


They could be the guests, for as easily as they come, they can leave, but unfortunately we act in such a way that the roles are reversed.


Those thoughts do not let go, do not allow them to continue their journey.


We retain them with thousands of arguments as we begin to think about what we are thinking.


A good guest should not stop his guests with idle talk.


Notice that any thought comes to mind and we become so attached to it that, even if it is disturbing or hurtful, we keep going over it and continue to think things around that thought.


Although it is a masochistic attitude, unfortunately we spend most of our time wasting away from making sense or logic of the thought we have caught.


It’s as if you’re looking for a problem where there is none, because the thought needs to go away, because someone else wants to be the guest, but you don’t allow it.


And what could be a transitory thing in the mind becomes a real torture.


What to do to stop thinking about what we know is causing us discomfort and is stealing our peace and quiet?


to let go the negative…

A simple and ancient exercise

I’m going to give you an old and simple but very effective exercise that will help you in this.

But I must clarify that in order to benefit from it you should not think about the exercise itself trying to find an explanation for it.

You just have to practice it and that’s it, okay?

The exercise consists of the following:

When a thought comes into your mind and you want it to go away, simply imagine that you travel to the center of that thought and make it explode completely.

Just that.

Do it as many times as the thought wants to be permanently installed in the mind.

And as I always ask you to leave your comments about your experiences in the practice of this exercise.


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