How to do it the right way…


Do you feel that there is a failure that  something is going wrong in your life (your marriage, your job, your children’s education, etc.)?


Before despairing, or blaming yourself for the possible failure or looking for potential culprits, why don’t you simply change the ways you are doing things.


I assure you that the results will change because that’s how you can get the most out of what you call “failure”.


That’s how failures can become our best teachers.


In this article, I want to talk to you about failure and give you some advice so that you can start to see it differently, because we almost always have a relationship of rejection in the face of failure.

Who is guilty in the failures?

To help you understand this better, I’m going to give you the following illustration:


Imagine that you are driving a car on a highway and the gas gauge warns you that you must enable it, because if you do not do so, you could stop and not reach your destination.


There is not enough!!!…

Would you bother with the car indicator? On the contrary, you would be grateful!


Well, the same goes for so-called failures in life.

To analyze the causes of failures

Failures are ways in which life warns us not to continue doing things as we were doing them before, because if we do, we risk not getting where we want to go.


Failures only indicate that there are paths that we no longer have to follow because we know in advance what the results will be.


Faced with failure, there are several psychological rules that you should keep in mind and apply and then your relationship with them is not one of enmity and so that you can see them for what they really are: opportunities to try new variations.


Flops are options that Life offers you to do things better and opportunities to grow and to be more creative and intelligent.


What are some of these psychological rules?


Rule #1-If you always do the same thing then you will only get what you already have.

Then Rule #2-If you want something new then do something different.

Then Rule #3-Failure does not exist becausethere are only different results.

And Rule Nº4-If someone can, you can too, you just have to know the method that worked for that someone and adapt it to your life.

Finally Rule Nº5-You can’t solve something if you repeat the same thing that caused it but if you use new methods, the result will change.


Did you know that the concept of failure is closely related to that of madness?

It seems like this method doesn’t work anymore…


Madness is like the fixation that a person makes of wanting to achieve something different by always using the same methods.

Try other ways

I know the case of a mother who wanted to get her child to attend to her, but the method she always used was the scream.


It was simply a crazy thing: the more she screamed, the less her son attended to her.


She went for help to see what she could do to achieve a different result.


I told her why she didn’t try talking quietly to the child instead of constantly yelling at him.


Soon after, she returned, telling me how wonderful it had been to change her method.


With just one first try, the boy, who was surprised by the mother’s behavior, listened more than usual.


Therefore, make the best of your failures, because they are in fact markers that indicate the need to take new paths.



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