Here we are

Here we are! Young has to be (whoever wants to be by his own will) (“Joven ha de ser (quien lo quiera ser por su propia voluntad)”), Website for the Elderly.

“Life is a small shining between two great darkness”. (J.P. Sartre).

The title of this website “Young has to be” that we are inaugurating today has been taken from the text (“young must be whoever wants to be by his own will”). It is part of a beautiful song (The End Will not Come, 1978) by the beloved director of the Cuban television Pedraza Ginori.

It was chosen because it clearly expresses the intention of this website aimed at the elderly around the world.

The universal connotation, beyond national borders, thanks to the internationalization of the information that the Network of Networks allows us, is because all adults of the third age face similar concerns, needs and challenges.

But also the site will be addressed to all humanity that directly or indirectly cares about the past, present and future of the meaning of its existence.

What we inaugurate today will try to get closer to the positive of life, which is what you have to take into account no matter how old you are.

To laugh at what happened in our existence that is worth remembering, perhaps saddened in solidarity with human beings like us who haven’t had the luck we have but, above all, find all the potentialities that we still have as rational beings, learn to enjoy what this wonderful life gives us even if someone think we are finished (if they only knew!).

What will we share?

We will obtain advice and participate directly in forums and discussions with the participation of professionals who dedicate their lives to study our “Age Group”.

We will study Quality of Life issues. We will openly discuss “rugged” issues such as sexuality that may concern us.

We will nourish our soul with many things that are also necessary for existence.

We will explore together thousands of edges related to our age in which perhaps you have not yet think about and we will find a solution for (almost) everything based on optimism.

We will give space, of course, to the wishes of artistic expression: stories, poetry, novels, songs, crafts, etc. that you created or will create but did not have time or opportunity to share and still have that inner “dwarf” that wants to manifest.

All of the above with an ethical and professional sense without falling into the ease, vulgarity and vulgarities so in vogue in the network of networks.

In this first installment of the site you will find this column or Blog that will always be present, in Indomitable section a personal reason that decided me to create this site.

Also the health section where we will always attract professionals who can help us and guide us to have a stage of the elderly with better health conditions.

You will also find an introduction to a Cuban institution “La Rueda de Casino” that keeps some venerable grandparents performing a comforting physical activity while having fun.

Other interesting articles and videos can also be consulted, enjoy it!

“Life is a small shining between two great darkness”.

We are bathed in that wonderful cone of light now!

Let us take full advantage of that radiance before the last (and eternal) final blackout arrives! I count on you to embark on this path of optimism.


How to know if:

To face the days,

In spite of the abated sleepless nights,

You still have your soul in your shoulder,

That love,

What child you want to take to the orphanage,

still clings, desperately,

To your hips.


Paco Chantes


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