Bracelets and smart watches for the elderly

when you hear nowadays the term of intelligent devices, what do you think?

Smart phones, things for young people, modern technological trends?

I admit that until recently I thought about relatively similar things until I started to inquire more about the subject and saw that reality was different.

Now companies are investing in research and development of new technologies such as bracelets, glasses, lenses and clothes that achieve intercommunication among each other and make it possible to monitor your body.

With these devices we can have a better control over the signals emitted by our organism and in such a way we can receive signals that can alert about any change that could bring unwanted consequences.

It is true that many of these devices are developed for fitness and that for all its applications and new functionalities the largest audience is young people, but a new market is emerging: the elderly.

Companies have seen great uptrend in aging worldwide so, why not cover this market?


Why only young people when there are a biggest population of older people than young people in much of the world? Why let this market escape?

These companies are looking forward and are taking out new devices designed for the elderly, such as bracelets and smart watches.

Many may think that 'that' is not for them, but nothing is further from the truth as these technologies are made to help us on a day to day basis.

Currently with the growing obesity, transgenic foods reaching more prominence every day, the predominance of sugar in almost anything we eat makes that our body does not always respond as we wish.

The stress that we can live at certain stages of our life makes that different symptoms or diseases appear when until then they weren’t unknown to us. Our heart beats can accelerate or go very slowly which could cause Tachycardia or Bradycardia.

Both consequences can have devastating repercussions if we are not able to control them.

The sedentary lifestyle is another of the great evils that affects us mainly in advanced ages which makes physical inactivity the 4th cause of death in the world.

It is that we get used to the little physical activity either by a monotonous life, conformity with your comfort zone or simply the lack of motivation and joy.


So ... Why not to get control over what we eat, what we do while at the same time we monitor the signals that our body sends us?

This could prevent future diseases or injuries by recognizing various factors of our body as well as improve our physical condition through the control of them.

OK perfect!! We are already attentive to our pulse, we lead a more active life either walking or exercising.

But ... is that really what our body needs? Or at least the 'dose' we require? Remember, if it is bad to do too little, it is also bad doing more than what we can.

Only our doctor could tell us the right levels but what happens if it is difficult for us to reach our doctor?. Would not it be appropriate if he can tell us about our routines and our procedures no matter how far away we are each other?

On the other hand ... wouldn’t we feel much better if we could make our children aware of our health even in the distance?

Well today they have created a solution for all these approaches described above.

Wristbands and smart watches have been invented that keep you updated all day of all signals sent by your body.

In addition, the information on your cell phone bracelets and smart watches can be sent to your doctor through your cell phone and then he can track your health and can provide better care.

You can also be aware of the health of your children / grandchildren or another family member since all this information can be monitored remotely through the mobile application.

These wristbands and smart watches have been thought to be simple and practical since many people do not have the experience or find it difficult to learn new things.

If it is in your body where you will live the rest of your life ... then ... why not take care of it?...

Some benefits these devices would give us.

They offer a high range of features such as:

  • Continuous monitoring of the heart rhythm
  • Burning calories throughout the day
  • Alert of sedentary status
  • Real-time tracking of distance and rhythm
  • Sleep control
  •  Panic or emergency buttons
  • Wireless synchronization with your mobile phone
  • Tracking and remote control
  • Water and dust proof


  • The cost of some of these devices is often a problem in many people.
  • In some of them  the reliability of the results as well as the safety of them.

Main smart wristbands

Lintelek Fitness Tracker


-Heart rate follow up.

- Counter of lost calories.

- Sedentary alert.

-Monitor the person's dream.

-It has a built-in USB charger so you do not need a separate charger.

-Alert of messages and calls.

Fitbit Charge 3

- A better calculation better of the calories burned.. - Understanding of heart rate at rest and more with a 24/7heart rate monitoring. - To choose between more than 15 type of exercises like running. - To establish a goal and get statistics in real time during your workouts to see how you can keep improving. - To record automatically the time spent in the stages of light sleep. -Water Resistant up to 50M. -You get the rhythm and distance in real time during outdoor races and rides. -Keep connected to your day to day activities with daily applications for weather and more. -Receives notifications of call applications, text messages and smartphones on your wrist  

Letsfit Fitness Tracker


-Monitor your heart rate 24 hours, steps, calories, distance, active minutes, quality of sleep at night

-It reminds you to move when you spend too much time seated.

-Track each of your movements when you practice sports. You can read your exercise data, see how it goes during sports and get data reports in the application.

-Waterproof and supports up to 3 meters deep.

-Receive calls, messages, emails or Facebook notifications.

Fitbit Versa

-Waterproof up to 50 meters. -Follow-up activity throughout the day, 24/7 heart rate and sleep stages, all with a battery duration of 4 days or more. - Guided breathing sessions -Store more than 300 songs or download Pandora stations or Deezer playlists. -Access your favorite applications for sports, weather and more. -Receive alerts for calls, calendar, text messages and applications. Send quick responses to messages. -The special edition versions include an integrated NFC chip to make secure payments wit5hout using cash.

Bloranda Fitness Tracker

- Heart rate control and blood pressure. - Count the steps and the calories burned, the distance. -Automatic sleep monitoring. -Alarm of calls, messages, alarm clock, full alert of objectives, sedentary alert. - Low battery recorder, anti-lost alert, remote control of the camera, exchange of activity data. - Water and dust proof (the temperature cannot exceed 45 ° C). -Battery of 105mAh guarantees its durability.

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